AIA Approved Courses

Energy & Environmentally Friendly Roofing Systems

A course full of all the important developments and trends in environmental roofing, including LEED and vegetative roofs.The course will guide through the concept of the Green Building, new trends and the importance of an Energy Efficient roof, along with codes standards and regulatory requirements. LEED rating systems and the 2012 version cool roofs. What is the industry response to the high temperature concerns and how to better design for these types of conditions. Garden roofs and Solar: fast facts, trends and design considerations.

Why Choose Single Ply?

Focus on primary commercial roofing systems and the benefits as well as disadvantages of single ply technologies.

Why Choose Modified Bitumen Systems?

What is Modified Bitumen, how is it used, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

Why Choose Restoration and Repair in Low Slope Roofing?

Course provides an overview of roofing restoration and repair options and techniques as well as criteria for selection.


Roof Hatches and Smoke Vents by Babcock-Davis

Design, Life Safety and BIM Integration

This course will explain the benefits of roof hatch & smoke vent design, life safety and BIM integration. The designer will have a better understanding of code regulations for life safety and will be able to properly size and place vents in accordance with these codes. Through an illustration and demonstration on BIM modeling, the designer will be able to better integrate roof hatches and smoke vents into their next project. We will conclude this one hour course with a 10 minute Q&A period for review of the topics covered.